Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cannellini beans

cannellini beans
These are cannellini beans which I use to cook pasta fagioli. They have high fiber and calcium in them. They are very tasty. If you make the tasty Italian dish pasta fagioli, you will be getting an added benefit of high fiber and calcium.


Nomadic Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by cook italian way blog, I love pasta e fagioli because born in kenya I have eaten since I was a child beans and then what makes love pasta fagioli even more is the rosemary, my inlaw taught me to add fresh rosemary and then blend a little bit of fagioli so the soup is thick.
Do you use (maltagliati?) this is when you make fresh pasta the angles that remain when you cut (badly cut) try.
Have a great lasagne day.
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Mary said...

Hello there,

been sometime, but have many new recipes you might want to have a look!
Great week.