Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey dinner

turkey dinner
I have here turkey with turkey stuffing and candied sweet potatoes. The candied sweet potatoes you can find in the frozen food section. They have a very sweet syrupy candy flavor to them after they cook on stove. They are very tasty. I have them every Thanksgiving.


These are cooked yams. You buy them where they sell the fresh vegetables in your supermarket. They almost look like potatoes but are much thinner and longer. They are very tasty and soft. I have them every Thanksgiving. They are known for their bright orange color.

Cranberry sauce

cranberry sauce
This is cranberry sauce. I have it on Thanksgiving. It is sold in cans in the supermarket. Cranberry sauce tastes really good with the turkey. If you don't use gravy or mayonnaise with your turkey, this is a good choice.

Spanish olives

spanish olives
These are Spanish style stuffed manzanilla olives. I have these on Thanksgiving. They taste a lot different than the black olives do. They are a little on the hot side in taste. Manzanilla olives also go well in salads.

Black olives

black olives
Black olives taste really good. I always have them at Thanksgiving. I usually eat them plain. You can also have them in a salad with dressing on them.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. This is the turkey we will have later today. I like turkey with mayonnaise. It also goes well as a sandwich with the mayonnaise. Turkey gravy with it is also good. Some of the trimmings I have with the turkey I will show later on.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Italian bread

italian bread
Italian bread is my favorite bread. It usually has sesame seeds on it, like I have shown in the picture, although I have had some without any seeds. It tastes good cut in half with butter on it. I also have it with meatballs for a meatball sandwich. Stop by your Italian bakery for the best Italian bread. You can also find it sold at the supermarket.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


This is a good breakfast in the morning that I sometimes have. Pancakes with butter and maple syrup. These are mini-pancakes, that is why so many are on the plate. I usually have them with orange juice. French toast is also good in the morning for breakfast.